As Director of JBM Diesel & General (Pty) Ltd, I would like to share the history of the establishment

of our progressive company.


JBM Diesel & General (Pty) Ltd is a commercial vehicle workshop situated at 12 Cherry Road,

Pinetown and has been in existence since May 2002.


The company was established by me, Jay Gungadeen who has been involved in the engineering and transport industry since 1988.  I am a qualified engine fitter/automotive engineer and have been trade tested in Olifantsfontein.  I also hold a diploma in Business Management and have attended various engine certification courses, i.e. ADE, Caterpillar, Cummins, M.A.N. etc.


I served my apprenticeship at Lanco Engineering, thereafter joining Pinetown Precision Engineering, where I worked as an engine assembler/machinist.  During this time I was promoted to workshop manager.  My extensive knowledge in heavy diesel rebuilds/machining enables me to provide an excellent service to the engineering and transport industry.


JBM Diesel & General (Pty) Ltd comprises of 25 staff members who are adequately qualified and have extensive experience in their relevant fields.  The driving force behind the achievements of JBM Diesel & General (Pty) Ltd is the dedication and teamwork maintained by the staff.


The company is active with regard to staff development programmes where employees are sent on training programmes where required.  Being a member of the Retail Motor Industry, the company is open to various training workshops offered by them to its members.I currently serve As Vice Chairman of ERA, KZN.


JBM Diesel is certified SANS 10274 Engine Rebuilder, also having undertaken many Flameproof Rebuilds under SABS 868 for various mining subsidiaries.


JBM Diesel & General (Pty) Ltd is also committed to the social welfare and development of disadvantaged communities and is currently in the process of establishing a corporate social responsibility programme.  At present, the company is involved in assisting various charitable organisations.